For Home / Home Office


While Northside Computer Services is mainly focused on technology services for small to medium businesses, we have plenty of time for the home and home office customer.  While the “Know-it-all” department of the computer shop may seem convenient, the “technicians” there have very little real world experience, and their objective is less about fixing your computer than quoting you a high sum for repairs so that you will buy a new one instead.

Not sure which type of service you need? 
No worries.  Simply contact us and describe the problem or need, and we’ll take it from there.  There is simply no need for you to get wound up in the technical details unless you want to.

Do you have copies of your important files?
Music files
Things break, it’s inevitable.  For that reason, it is important to make regular copies or “backups” of your system.  We can help you develop and implement a system to safeguard your files.

Home / Home Office services include:

Hardware Service
Repairs, installation and upgrades of common items like hard drives, memory , CD or DVD drives or adding additional storage space to PCs or laptops.

Software Service
Installation or troubleshooting of operating systems (Windows or MAC OS), or application software such as Microsoft Office or other popular applications.

Data Backup
If your computer dies completely, do you have copies of those pictures of your kids, holidays, family, etc. ? We can help you keep those memories safe.

Virus and/or Malware Removal
Detection and removal of viruses and malware that could damage or delete your data, or potentially steal your identity, passwords or financial information.

Performance Improvement
The performance of Windows tends to degrade over time, and if the computer is more than a couple of years old, it may be trying to more than was originally intended.  Most systems can be restored to their original speed with minimal effort.

Data Recovery
Data can be usually be retrieved from computers that won’t start properly as long as the hard drive itself is not physically damaged.  It is also possible in some cases to recover files that have been accidentally deleted.

Home Networking
Install, configure and secure wireless networking, or enable the sharing of information and printers between multiple computers.  We can also improve the connection speed or coverage area of wireless networks.